Give and Take.

All compromise is based on give and take,  
             but there can be no give and take on fundamentals.  
                       Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender.
            For it is all give and no take  
~Mahatma Gandhi~

For all the walks we make in life; tire and wear, toiling at most, we have always thought that in everything that we have to give, we must take. Most times we hide behind shadows. Our complete reflection hidden from the public view. Even we ourselves cannot see it. Be it success, failure, frustration, name it. Putting on a false veil, well, in a bid to cover that what we hold on to; failure? maybe, but mostly ego.

So, to the world that hands a life, and takes another, balance of nature, it's been coined; where veil still relates to every kind of goodness done. Why is grace hardly a pint? I search each bit of the life given moments; for sense and maybe a pence to feed my mind. I get nothing much to behold, for when twilight shines,the last of the dark is washed away. Aglow, are little tiny pellets of spirit, driving every soul to go out. Organized chaos really, but for the bit of the unfortunate crowd, that know no end or start, believing that each day, would look after itself. They fear not of what noontide would bring, believing and hoping... I have seen goodness in the dark, I have beheld faith, where uncertainty relishes, but then, for the bitter-sweet, compromise always finds root.

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