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Sleep failed me, I shuffled my cards but, amnesia wasn't one of them.
I have been under wraps for sometime now. A life cycle, I have to call it; cocoon stage is pretty nasty at that. I feared the light of day and cowered behind shadows of self piety. I rocked back and forth in darkness mauling huge chunks of fear.
Every approaching footsteps of opportunity was too condescending and deafening, and often made me peer into the blinding light, with a tiptoe. Neighbors next door, whispered, that a forlorn spirit had possessed me, I could hear frightened murmurs and naysays when I collected enough courage to walk out, or so I thought. (This goes out to all those who think they are freaks; talk and smile alone, notwithstanding).There is this huge dark cloud, that started out in the horizon as a tiny wisp of an imaginary shape. I dismissed it to be some bloke burning charcoal or sending a smoke signal to some primitive chap, maybe.Drawing closer, with time, it took the shape of a truckl…

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