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Mind Games.

23 days into the fresh year; a cocktail of happenings; and frankly enough, it is a year that has managed to pull a couple of rabbits out of the hat; as young as it is. Never saw that coming. The blandness of conniving thieves and a bunch of miscreants out there always scheming to rob hardworking people of their hard earned toil.  Life's a move though. Each step takes us closer to an achievement. When words are done to bespoke; an analogy of statements done with wit the intricacy of a braid so to say.  So here goes … Past situations put in words, but then, being in a dull state of nerves, such as everybody is occasionally predisposed to: insusceptible to delight or pleasurable excitement; one of those temperaments when what is pleasure in most times and to many a person, becomes insipid or indifferent… In this frame of mind, it befell on me to pose the question unto myself, ‘Suppose that all your needs and necessities of life were realized; that all the chang…
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In Trying Times, the Balm of finding Solace (Pt 2)

              As a continuation of our previous post, based on Austen's piece, Pride and Prejudice, clearly even the wily or the wicked of the universe, do not prevail. And for most, when an inherent order shapes both the physical and the moral landscape of the society. Nature is sure tamed, and perhaps of certainty is human abilities.

It is that dollop of wisdom that elevates our daily duties as humans, and from as a simple comedy of manners as Austen's.  It’s not too heavy-handed or even, I concede, that constant read rejuvenates the mind and soul. It brings us closer to understanding someone else's mind and thoughts. It brings comfort and allure; a solid escape from normalcy, and constant moral resonance.  For as delightful as Austen’s static world may be, it is the humbling, bracing confrontation with the self that lifts both readers and the book itself beyond caricature and plotty romance.
In Austen’s universe, the gravest crises may be moral, but the…

In Trying Times, the Balm of finding Solace

There are grim passages in our lives when each day starts and ends with dread, when endurance is a form of victory. Such times as when a project deadline is in the offing and you are nowhere close to completing it and above all, your boss is the type that tolerates none of it. The dreariest of them all is when life is sending you to the brink of hopelessness for example joblessness or even for self-preservation’s sake, the pressure to make it in life. Self-discovery is one of the hardest things to come across in our youth. I feel this is the least talked and researched about passage, in all the walks of life. In my own opinion, it is the gravest, arduous and life-changing concept in itself. Coping with the grimness of such times comes in many forms, to different people. Such times, I turn to reading for solace. When days and nights are kaleidoscopes of constant reminder of failures: weeks long self-beating, middle-of-the-night startles, daylong upbeat email checks, same old, same old.

The prime of life ;Grasp it.

I created this "concept" video three years ago, the words are not my own, credit goes to the pearly and lustrous voice, of a great mentor, and a motivator, Mr. Johnson Mwakazi. I hadn't sat to really take in the words; today I did. Well, that was quite a befitting piece, for the times.
Of course, motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.
We look up to our mentors for various reasons, one being to always strive to achieve like they have.
To the words, “The prime of life may be great, there is up and there is also down, one may reach the summit, but where else can one move on, except for descending again.” 01:12
Listen on.

So Long, See You Tomorrow Dear Friend.

The unspoken bond it is, the constant availability, the relentless promise that is in friendship ... A concise definition, that summons reality to the surface. For friends, you might see them each and every day, once a year maybe, or less. Or, you might hardly see them, but you constantly keep in touch by phone, email, or online.
Friends might come and go (sad reality), they might make you laugh and cry, but most importantly of all, they love you for who you are. I have come to believe that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like or what kind of clothes they put on. It’s what is inside of them that counts and your friends should no doubt, know that about you.
Likewise, having friends means you've got a specific responsibility. Respect, reciprocate and love!
Question, do you remember who your childhood friend was? Do they appear to exist, or, do they seem to be like figments, fragile pieces of memory that crumbles when you turn it in your head? It is a possibility, but try not to l…

Jazz, coffee and a good book.

Nothing ever goes wrong on cold July Friday evenings with a fine cup of home brewed coffee or a 20 year old Cabernet Sauvignon, some good ol' Jazz and a well compelling book.
I often harbor a distasteful feeling when the weekend comes to a close.. A ominous, daunting day, is on the offing. We all hate Mondays with valor, with it's glaring drag and weekend hangovers, bustling traffic, unmet deadlines... So much, with so little focus. But one thing, when Monday comes to an end, you could almost swear, we all Sign with relieve.
People are different, some hate Sundays with passion, but to the few that hold it dear, where they find grace and a fine-tuned setting; cheers to you. I am a dreamer, the old-hat bloke who would listen to classical tunes, or a jazzy piece by Mark Maxwell or even Kenny G and feel great!. There is something about the haunting cords struck with a apt and masterful precision and skill, that creates room for creativity, a little bit of craziness, wanderings a…

Give and Take.

All compromise is based on give and take,
             but there can be no give and take on fundamentals.
                       Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender.
For it is all give and no take
~Mahatma Gandhi~
For all the walks we make in life; tire and wear, toiling at most, we have always thought that in everything that we have to give, we must take. Most times we hide behind shadows. Our complete reflection hidden from the public view. Even we ourselves cannot see it. Be it success, failure, frustration, name it. Putting on a false veil, well, in a bid to cover that what we hold on to; failure? maybe, but mostly ego.

So, to the world that hands a life, and takes another, balance of nature, it's been coined; where veil still relates to every kind of goodness done. Why is grace hardly a pint? I search each bit of the life given moments; for sense and maybe a pence to feed my mind. I get nothing much to behold, for when twilight shines, the last of the dark is was…